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Our company established in 2010 to provide medical equipment to private hospitals intended to provide a wide range of services to private, public hospitals and orthopedics and general purpose consumables in the medical sector except for medicine under ST Saglik Urunleri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. in 2014. In 2017, the branding process started and offers quality health products to the market with its mavvel brevery and celso brands.
NAFX is a specific orthopaedic medical device design and manufacturer company in Ankara the capital of Turkey. NAFX Design-Medical-Consultancy Co Ltd had been founded by a team that is in this field for more than 20 years. Our company is basicly a research and development company. Our main goal is to develop better solutions for current problems. We are looking for simpler, user friendly, stronger, more effective and economical solutions continuously. Because innovation is a true value. We have an experienced mechanical engineers and orthopedic surgeons to produce innovative products for treatment of orthopaedic and traumatic disorders. Also we are working with special clinics and industrial partners. We have some special projects in orthopaedic device and some clinical software fields. We have our own uniqe designs and patents. Although we have some standard products as well. But we always have special signatures on all of our products. These signatures reflect our cumulative knowlegde, research and experience. We also serve medical consultancy to manufacturer companies about designing, developing, and exporting. In addition to that we are preparing clinical evaluation and risk analysis reports those are essential for all certification procedures. To find the most effective solution is our job.
Hegeli Ortopedik Urunler, was set up in 2005 as a medical and orthopedic devices distributor in and around Turkey. As a result of the know-how and experience gained during this period of time, the company decided to re-construct into a manufacturing company and established the brand in 2011. With current staff number of 52 people, the production capacity is around 30,000/pcs per month. Our factory is located in the industrial zone of Istanbul called Ambarli, Avcilar. OUR MISSION We are absloutely aware of the global tendency towards the Turkish Medical Sector and also take into account the reality that only those who can respond to the global needs properly can survive and grow into global medical giants. We are also aware that being able to respond to the global medical needs, we need to be qualified enough in terms of raw materials, packaging, workmanship, finishing, marketting and global awareness. Taking this as a starting point, we assess our production processes according to the requisities of the Medical Devices Directives ( MDD 93/42/EEC) Appendix VII as we indicated in our Decleration of Conformity. OUR VISION Our expectations from the future may look a bit too high for 5 year old company lilke ourselves. However, the feed back that we receive from domestic and international markets, confirms that we are on the right track so we raised the bar. We are planning to take our place among the top 3 Turkish Orthopedic supports manufacturing companies within 2 years' of time. We know our responsibilities against global markets and the difficulties that we will encounter.